Monday, January 15, 2007

DHS is a Mess. Remind Me Again Who Chairs the Senate Committee Charged With Overseeing DHS?

The Department of Homeland Security is a financial catastrophe. The accountants can’t make heads or tails out of the place. FireDogLake has more.

This issue is of course related to Lieberman’s betrayal of New Orleans and all Hurricane Katrina victims last week. But it is also very directly related to Iraq, the fraudulent “war on terror” and the Bush Administration’s penchant for loose and liquid dollars and absolute unaccountability. I think we’d all like to know where all that Homeland Security money is going. I think we’re entitled to know. The question is: will Lieberman feel the same way? Will he, as the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, demand answers of the Bush Administration?

Here’s the link to the HSGA Committee’s website: This site is of course the official website of the Committee and accordingly under Lieberman’s control. It will not announce or reveal Lieberman’s malfeasance, but it would certainly trumpet any actions by the Committee that would constitute vigorous oversight of DHS, wouldn’t it? Let’s see if LIeberman is at all interested in where all those billions went. Let’s see if he’s interested in a DHS that is administered in an orderly fashion or if he’s content with Enron-style accounting at the executive branch department charged with protecting his constituents.

Does anyone care to speculate? To be perfectly candid, I’m concerned Lieberman will feel beholden to Bush and Rove for their help in fixing the Connecticut senate race. I hate to be so cynical, but....


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