Thursday, February 01, 2007

Dan Gerstein, Liar for Hire

Shameless Lieberman shill Dan Gerstein has a piece at RealClearP0litics this morning. Reading it is a little like wading through sewage up to your neck. It's the kind of cowardly hit job that begins by referring to the Democratic Party as "our party' and then launches into a vile and loathesome attack on Democrats, characterizing the two-thirds of Connecticut Democrats who voted against Lieberman as hateful, dishonest smear-artists who have been "radicalized" by "hatred and contempt for Bush and the Republican leadership." It's the kind of intellectual filth that blames the democrats for not being sufficiently cooperative with Bush and has not a single harsh word for the most arrogant and partisan administration in our history.

Is Gerstein's screed worth a detailed response? I've concluded that it is not, and that Dan Gerstein's reputation as a $30,000 per month professional liar is well-established. If anyone feels differently, and would like to relate some of their favorite Gerstein lies from the campaign, just leave them in the comments section.


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