Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lieberman: If You Don't Agree With Me, You Are A Traitor

Lieberman's latest disgrace - his insinuation that Senate colleagues who oppose the Bush/Lieberman escalation of the war are treasonous - gets the Greenwald treatment.

We should be careful here in Connecticut to remember that Joe Lieberman is not just the shame of our state, he's a national disgrace. This man who purports to be an avatar of civility and decency in politics casually labels anyone who disagrees with him a traitor (as he did at the Petraeus hearings), a defeatist (as he did Sunday before last, earning a well-deserved bitchslapping from Chuck Hagel) or a liar (as he called Ned Lamont during their last debate).

For all his reputation in punditland as a good and decent man, the record shows that Lieberman is a vicious punk and gutter political thug.


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