Wednesday, January 17, 2007

McEnroe v. Lieberman

Colin McEnroe has a piece in Salon entitled "Lieberman: A Surge of Buyer's Remorse?" Here's a taste:

Tempers are little frayed here in Connecticut because our junior senator spent last summer fighting for his political survival by insisting, among other things, that the policies he supported would result in troop withdrawals. Lieberman said some American troops would be able to leave Iraq by the end of 2006, and more than half would be out by the end of 2007. According to exit polls on Nov. 7, more than 60 percent of Connecticut voters opposed the war in Iraq and/or favored withdrawal of some or all troops, and nearly four out of 10 of those antiwar voters supported Lieberman. Lieberman had barely digested the food from his victory party before he spun 180 degrees and added his voice to the "surge" chorus.

McEnroe touches on Lieberman's sell out to the White House on Katrina related disclosure, the Hagel Smackdown, and a number of other Lieberman lowlights. It's worth reading, a real treat for hardcore Lieberphobes.


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