Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Lieberman Project

I am still preparing the series of posts that are the principal raison d'etre of this website. I've taken to thinking of it as the "Lieberman Project." The purpose of this project is to establish and document Joe's remarkably rapid progression from opposing an increase in U.S. troops in Iraq (see Point Six of his Ten Point Plan) to advocating such increase.

Various websites and commentators, such as the great ThinkProgress.Org, have noted that Lieberman's recent call for more troops is inconsistent with his belief (as stated in the July 2006 debate with Ned Lamont) that we would be withdrawing troops by the end of 2006 and inconsistent with his oft-professed plaint that no one wants to bring the troops home faster than he does.

However, it seems to have generally escaped notice that during the campaign Joe not only predicted we'd be withdrawing troops, he specifically advocated withdrawals and, more significantly in light of his new Iraq policy, opposed any troop increases. Joe and his supporters have hidden behind arguments to the effect that although he may have made certain projections about potential withdrawals by the end of 2006, he never advocated withdrawals. But this claim is untrue, as Joe's own Ten Point Plan conclusively demonstrates. Joe has also sought to argue that his views justifiably changed in December after his visit to Iraq and his consultations with U.S. military commanders. Again, untrue insofar as Joe was publicly calling for more troops in Iraq even before he left for Baghdad.

A preliminary outline of the Lieberman Project is available at LieberWatch(mac.com) in the sidebar captioned "Lieberman's Bait and Switch."

When the Lieberman Project is fully posted there will be no place left to hide for Lieberman, no argument remaining that he did anything other than shamelessly lie to the voters of Connecticut about the most important issue entrusted to our elected representatives - war and peace.


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